20 January 2014: Today I cleaned this blog up. From now on I will only publish what I consider finished essays. I will be posting new work on the first of each month . . . as long as I can keep up the pace. I still welcome feed back from grammar cops and anybody else who happens on to this site. let me know if you see any screw ups. I can be reached at > robertrobinson1@gmail.com< Thanks for reading.

3 September 2014: I’d like to thank everybody for following my blog. I thought I should say something about the purpose of this blog. The essays I post here are the versions that I send out for publication–some make it, some don’t.  I started this blog to get more exposure for my writing, so you won’t be seeing posts about what kind of coffee I’m having, or that I’m going to the store this afternoon, or that my dog laid an egg in the living room last night–and it’s not even Easter; however, it did confirm my theory that dog poop is much like ignorance: When you find it, there’s always more. Thanks again for all the recent follows and likes.

25 March 2015: My work has appeared in Fur-Fish-Game, Fly Fisherman Magazine, Fly Rod & Reel, The Flyfish Journal. World Unknown Review, and Antioch University’s literary journal *Lunch Ticket*. 

*2016 Pushcart nominee*

ROCKY MOUNTAIN PASTELS: EVIDENCE of an EXISTENCE, a collection of my essays can be purchased through Amazon here:


Your support is much appreciated.

Robert Robinson, Welder my ass Emeritus.

”A friend of mine who is a real writer told me once that he believes a lone coyote howls in the deep night because it seeks contact, connection, the company of other coyotes. Human beings, he went on to tell me, yearn for much the same thing. He said his books were nothing more than his own howls. . . . Maybe.”–Harry Middleton

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  1. Utahrob, thanks for all the likes on my blog! I so appreciate your readership! I feel like a beginner blogger compared to you and your finished essays. Best of luck in your publication ventures! Maybe I’ll get there someday!

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    • Thanks for the follow. I submit to most of the fly fishing mags and some general outdoor mags: Fur-Fish-Game, Game & Fish, Field & Stream, The Fly Fishing Journal, and a bunch more like that.

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  4. Oh, shame, I came here to find out about the coffee you drink. Ha 😀
    On a more serious note, congratulations on so many publications, keep up the good work!

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