There’s nothing that turns me off more than going to a blog and discovering that it’s all about self-promoting somebody’s book. Yet here I am self-promoting a collection of essays I just published. By my calculations, I’ve less than a dozen loyal readers, so I will only bother you this one time.

I just published a collection of essays titled “Rocky Mountain Pastels.” It’s available on Amazon here:Β

I would appreciate your support. Thank you.


Please forgive the intrusion. Rob


  1. Rob, your book was delivered yesterday. It has shelf appeal: if I were to see it in a bookstore, I’d pick it up and have a look. Thumbing through, I noticed some old friends I’ll get to experience again and some new that I’ll get to meet. Can’t wait to read it.

    • Thanks, Janet. Be sure to read the old friends; all of the essays were rewritten for the book. I appreciate your support more than you know. πŸ™‚

  2. This must be one of the quietest and humblest of self-promotions! Nobody would ever mind this! I’ll take a closer look and wonder what type of essays they are…congratulations. Always an achievement to self-publish!

    • The essays aren’t really about fly-fishing. That’s just the thread that holds them together. I published in April, but I had a heart attack in February and almost didn’t live to see the job through. The manuscript was with the editor when I tipped over. The big question now is . . . now what? πŸ™‚

      • Thanks. I’m doing okay. I’m still writing for fishing rags. I have a piece out in the current “Fly Rod & Reel”, and I’ve another that will be out in “Fly Fisherman Magazine” in September.

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